About Your Waitress

Hi! Hello.

I guess if we’re going to be getting this intimate, we should know a little bit about one another.

I’m a playwright, short-story writer, director, and Dramaturg (read: “theater researcher”) living in Houston.

I’m not a waitress anymore, but shhh! the lady in the header doesn’t know that!

I like Edward Albee, Young Jean Lee, Gregory Maguire, Anne Carson, Jane Austen, Elizabeth Crane, and Miranda July. Also, documentary films and Downton Abbey.

I get upset about things like poor spelling and grammar, the growing wage gap, people who still believe in the “trickle down effect,” people who still think that abortion should be illegal, people who think that gays aren’t people, and people who think that a $3 tip on a $40 tab is in any way acceptable.

If you don’t agree with me, I want to know about it for as long as you’re able to sustain a logical argument, and not a second longer.

Let’s talk.


What do you think?

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